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Why "GOP Wines" ?

These wines, "GOP Wines by J. Maki", are brought to you exclusively by Area 2 of the Republican Committee of Chester County; it and they are our fund raiser.  All proceeds from  "GOP Wines by J. Maki" go to our treasury for use by Area 2.

For years Area 2 had no fund raiser.  We tried to do some in fits and starts, but never found a niche that suited us all in the Committees of Upper Uwchlan, West Pikeland and West Vincent Townships that comprise Area 2 of the Republican Committee of Chester County. Then .  .  . we found J. Maki Winery, a world-class winery in our own backyard that was willing to work with us in our fund-raising endeavors.

We asked them to create  unique wines bottled especially for us .  We chose a wonderful Chardonnay and a great, full-bodied Merlot that will please just about everybody -  wine lover or not.  We gave a special name to both - "Chairman's Choice" -  and crafted a label that we think epitomizes the spirit of the Chester County GOP. 

 Here is our label:

Try our wines- we think you will enjoy them and will enjoy showing them off to your friends,  Republican or not.

You must be 21 years old to purchase our wine. .