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About the Winemaker

Area 2 chose J. Maki Winery as a vendor for our fund raiser for two main reasons:

One, they are located in Chester County, right in our own back yard, and;

Two, they make a world-class product that we realized would make our customers happy and that they would be unafraid to serve to even the most discerning of wine aficionados. 

The Winery: Located near Elverson, J. Maki Winery is a great place to visit and try wines.  See their website at


International Awards: 

Vinalies Internationales Awards - Begun in 1993, this prestigious international competition in Paris, France, grants the most coveted awards in the winemaking world.  J.Maki WInery entered this heralded competition twice, and has been honored with the gold medal for champagne in 2001, and the silver medal for ice wine, in 2003. They were the first and only American winery so honored with the gold for champagne.