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Special Orders: Special Labels and Wine Tag For Candidates/Causes & Special Wine Tastings

Does your group want to buy GOP Wines and get special, purpose-driven labels or  "wine bottle hang tags"  for a candidate ("Joe Smith For Congress", "www.ElectSmith.com") in ADDITION to our special RCCC label ? 

Do you have a special cause or event that you want to highlight with a wine tag or label added to a GOP Wine ("Second Amendment = Liberty", "Presidential Inauguration Day, 2017") ?

Just contact us for details on our services for such needs !   Buy 10 or more bottles and we will help you design your label or tag; only $1.25/tag or label

WINE TASTINGS AT THE WINERY - Area 2 will create a special wine tasting event for your candidate or cause in conjunction with the J. Maki Winery, featuring special prices on our "GOP Wines".

CONTACT : Area 2 Treasurer Ben LaGarde

Email - blagarde2@gmail.com

Phone - 484-354-0798

You must be 21 years old to purchase our wines.

Special Label made for Otto Vail For PA Treasurer:

And for CC District Attorney Tom Hogan:

Example of Wine Tags: